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The founder of TribeAwaken.Com, Tony Skrelunas, wanted to share his passion for motorcycles with others who may be inspired to also try out a bike. He was thinking of a way to experience different bikes in different situations, of how to inspire new Native American riders, to share his love of higher end bikes especially the European motorcycles and Canadian trikes, find them at the best deal, resell and rent them to others through one of the ride share business apps. The first bike experience we are sharing is of a 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200. We hope you enjoy this review and invite those that have unique bikes to also share their reviews of their unique bikes. Together, we can inspire more tribal peoples from all backgrounds to experience what we do on the trails, mountains, canyons, near the lakes and even deserts.

If you’re looking for adventure and riding in comfort, then the Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA motorcycle is for you. The price range for this bike is on the upper end of all bikes. It has pretty much everything you would want in a bike such as a powerful 1,215cc three-cylinder engine, an off-road riding mode, a full color 5 inch instrument display that is very visible and workable, keyless ignition, six riding modes, cruise control, abs brembo brakes, adjustable seat height, and even heated seats and grips. The bike has improved off-road capability and on-road handling. The six riding modes are for rain, road, off-road, sport, rider programmable, and off-road pro which makes sure you are ready for every challenge. The bike also offers adjustable ergonomics in order to deliver a comfortable ride for all types of riders and riding styles. The adjustable high specific suspension is delivered by the Triumph Semi Active Suspension System which allows riders to control how the bike reacts to the handling. This motorcycle is also significantly lighter and more manageable than the previous model. It is also the most powerful shaft-drive bike in its class due to an Arrow carbon/ titanium exhaust system. The bike even has an electrically adjustable windshield to provide a bigger air pocket for riders. The Triumph Tiger is top of the line in adventure bikes offering a comfortable and compliant ride wherever you travel.

Tony Skrelunas gave his raving testimony about the Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA saying, “the power of the bike was unbelievable.” He mainly used it for road riding and according to him, “When you drove it, you didn’t feel the wind. It didn't feel like you were going fast even though you were, which allows you to travel long distances.” For Tony, the seat was the selling point for him as it was heated and adjustable. The seat can adjust to different heights to accommodate the many different heights of the riders. The Triumph Tiger is a good adventure bike because it has roll bars and fog lights. It's a high performance bike and they are built like 4x4s. They can go across the deserts, jungles, and are used all over the world in the harshest environments. These motorcycles are built to last and people can take them up to 200,000 miles like nothing. Tony was impressed with the shaft drive versus having a chain which made the bike very low maintenance. For instance, every ten thousand miles you would have to get it serviced. Tony has nothing to say but positive things to say about the Triumph Tiger, “It's really high-end and one of the best bikes he's ever had.” He was able to get the motorcycle for a good deal from a buddy of his who resells bikes. Tony compared the Triumph Tiger to his very first adventure bike which was a Kawasaki KLR650. The Kawasaki was made for riding in the dirt and highway. Tony laughed as he reminisced, “I crashed this bike many times. It's not a high performance bike, but rather durable.” There was a huge difference between the Kawasaki and the Triumph Tiger.

Tony wants others to experience what it feels like to ride these different types of motorcycles so he is starting to participate in Ride Share to rent out his bikes to others. He would also like to get a Native customers and encourage people to get their motorcycle driving licence so they can try out different bikes too. Tony has a great respect for European and Canadian adventure bikes. All in all, these adventure bikes are great for a rugged experience. You have to be coordinated and have some athleticism to handle these bikes smoothly especially in the back country or twisty canyon roads where there is a lot of traffic.

You don’t have to stick to Yamaha or Honda bikes. There is a whole other world of high performance motorcycles out there. The Triumph Tiger is meant for an adventurous athletic rider. There are many other models of bikes like Moto Gucci which is big on racing bikes, BMW makes incredible refined luxury bikes, Triumph is known for durability and technology, Aprilia makes small capacity bikes, and Can Ams are big on three wheel models. Motorcycles can be a lot of fun and you can find one that suits your needs. Adventure is out there and it’s up to you to experience it.

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