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Many of our communities were forced into resource extractive economic projects such as coal mines and power plants for revenue and jobs.   In almost every case, we gained very little in revenue, ownership, benefits, and jobs.   These projects did little to diversify our economies.   

TribeAwaken principles are providing vision for a new economy where our people create new dynamic ventures that are in concert with the earth.   We can design new economies that provides real benefits to our homes, community, livestock, farms, and land.  With the right approaches, we gain in ownership of future ventures, preserve our values, and keep the revenues locally and in our tribes.   

Build the Navajo Food Network


Creating vision for more grocery stores offering healthy and locally grown foods  

In a nation of over 25,000 square miles and 110 chapters, there are only 13 grocery stores.  This creates a dire situation when confronted with the need for healthy foods for a strong immune system and healthier cooking.

Build Respectful Economies


Transition from Resource Intensive to Nurturing Economies

Is important to not repeat the past and take leadership in building a different type of economy that fits our cultures.   Coal had good intentions but led to some major disharmony.   Solar and renewable energy must be carefully pursued with good business principles.

Respectful Tourism 


Building on the Grand Circle vision for the Southwest

Tourism is big in the region and it is expected to bounce back soon when the globe opens back up.  Domestic tourism is at all time levels.   We promote regional high end tourism that helps protect land and culture.

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