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The hip energy of today's youth balanced with experience and wisdom

Ya'at'eeh and Loloma (greeting in Navajo & Hopi) brings together a tested entrepreneur with his children and family to build commerce, independence and positive revitalization for tribal communities .  Chris, Shelby and Brittany, are Hopi and Navajo, from the Village of Hotevila/Kykotsmovi (Vernon & Becky Masayesva) and Cameron on their mom’s side and the community of Big Mountain/Tuba City (Marlene & Frank Bilagody) on their dad’s side.  Joining the team is cousin Kaitlyn Benally, who resides within the former Bennet Freeze and  serves as the executive writer/researcher for TribeAwaken.   The children's immediate grandparents showcase honorable lineage of leadership: a former tribal Chairman and first tribal principal, a Council Delegate, a Chapter President, two founders of grass roots advocacy groups.  Their great grandparents were sheep herders and dry farmers, medicine people, and participated in respectful inter-tribal trade. 


Tony Skrelunas, MBA

Team Leader and Dreamer of a better world

Chris Skrelunas

Vice President of Health & Happiness

Tony serves as CEO of Tribe Awaken, founder/partner in Navajo Power PBC, Vice President at Navajo Shopping Centers Inc, Trustee at Prescott College, and Awakening Wholeness.   He advises tribal energy/retail/tourism efforts.  He loves to provide success coaching on using cultural values to succeed.  


Navajo leaders have referred to Tony as the "godfather of the Local Governance Act" and a "Dine Economic Futurist".  He was raised by his great grandparents on Black Mesa.  He holds MBA and Bachelors degrees in business.  He is a former Director of the Navajo Nation Economic Development and Government Development Divisions noted for founding the Local Governance Act, alternative forms of governance, and securing federal delegation of business site leasing.  

He lectures and writes about improving retail, tribal health, retaining traditional knowledge systems, and management using traditional tools.


Today’s youth need role models of positivity and happiness.   Chris is a finance specialist at a home finance company.   Chris has years of experience in food, beverage and hospitality, as a music writer and aficionado of health and fitness.   He has played sports at super competitive levels and continues healthy living and coaching success and health.  He is a student of good health, positive teaching, and achieving happiness.


Kaitlyn Benally - Executive Researcher and Writer

Kaitlyn Benally is a member of the Navajo Nation.  She was born and raised in Tuba City, Arizona.  Kaitlyn has completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry at Northern Arizona University.  Her hobbies include working in her garden, reading, hiking, fishing, and camping. She says that "I try my best to live by this Navajo saying,": “T’aa hwo’ aji t’eego t’eya” which basically means “You can do it. It just depends on yourself.” Your efforts, how hard you work, your ambitions, it is all up to you to determine what you will achieve in life. 

Shelby Skrelunas

Public Influencer, Blogger, and Fitness Coach

As a young adult, Shelby has completed 2 years of university education.  Recently she achieved certification in fitness coaching.   She is an artist and active in the pro rodeo scene with her professional bull rider and is our instructor of fitness and diet and blogs regularly about high level training methods for specific tribal sports such as rodeo bull riding.   She also has a significant social media following and serves as a Public Influencer, Writer, and Fitness writer for Tribes LLC.


Brittany Skrelunas

Web Designer and Youth Success Influencer

Brittany is a senior at Arizona State University studying business marketing.  She is active in fitness, healthy diet and positive motivation.  She blogs about subjects of today's youth including cryptocurrency, successful youth, diet, and fitness.

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