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The tribes of the Americas, before the year 1500 had over 100 million people.  Through careful cultivation and harvesting techniques, they created 63% of the world’s foods and many of the medicines that are now used by modern medicine.  In the Americas, there were extensive trade networks, trade of services, goods, and knowledge.  The tribes respected each other’s ecological and ceremonial knowledge systems that sustained life.  It’s the intent of to re awaken these time honored networks.  


We are delighted to introduce the global platform where a tribal member of one tribe can share their talents with somebody that needs help in some endeavor.  It creates respectful commerce for the world. It is the intent of the platform to figure out ways that people in the world can utilize the services and goods, and understand a little more about what a Navajo rug means to a Navajo, what corn means to a Hopi, what buffalo means to the plains tribes, how the horse traditions have been a part of North America for 100’s of years. is a partnership with    This video showcases how our platforms work.  Enjoy!


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