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Awaken Your Potential

"We all have struggles and failures in life.  Its by overcoming these challenges that we gain experience and success.  I grew up on a dirt floor hogan, an ancient round home of the Navajo people, with no running water or electricity, no car, few clothes, but with love of my elders, livestock, farming, ancient knowledge and ceremony.  Because of the torture I went through at school resulting from being a poor ch'izzy (which means that you come from a home without a proper shower) Navajo boy, I later on in life felt inferior, especially around anglos. 

Due to this inferiority complex, I discovered failure and flunked out of college.  I went back to sheep camp and discovered my true identity and that each tribal culture has all the teachings for success.  I since then graduated with multiple degrees, finished first in my college graduating class,  been recognized nationally and internationally for my work, and have and will achieve much more in my career, businesses, relationships, songs, and life. 


The path to success is inherent in our culture. We come from a long line of advanced singers, medicine people, cultivators and agriculturalists, cosmologists, architects.  We know how to live in Hozho, which means life harmony, and its all inherent in our teachings.  I hope that if you are struggling in your life like I still do at times, whether it be in a relationship, job, family, you will get a little pick me up from this recoding. Let me know what you think."

Tony Skrelunas

Tony's Tribal Motivation track 1 - Tony Skrelunas, CEO Tribes
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