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Tribal people can now confidently and safely trade goods and services worldwide

Tribes.Humans.Net is a new platform we created as a peer to peer network to enable inter tribal trade within our communities and outside. Platforms sometimes are scary for some. For example: How do you know who will review your craig'slist ad and who will call you for your service? Should you trust that person? If they are non tribal living in a border town, how do your reach them? What if you are a food maker or a mechanic and want to offer your services. You also want people to know who you are and that others have been satisfied with your work. Once you do the work, how do you confidently get paid. If its free lance work such as helping someone with business assistance over the phone and online, what is a confident system to get paid and when does your payment come in? The partners of Tribes LLC have dealt with these issues for their lifetimes. The idea for came from the managing partner's vision to help Native American artist gain a fair share for their art and to be able to sell one of a kind pieces online to a global market. Additionally, the idea also was inspired by his work with Navajo sheep herders who first domesticated the Navajo Churro sheep about 600 years ago. There was a need to offer a place for sheepherders to sell their rams, ewes, different breeds, offer workshops, help to shear the wool, offer herders for hire, and ensure that this old cultural mainstay stays alive for our planet's benefit. uses artificial intelligence technology to ensure the authenticity of each person, whether a provider or buyer. Block chain technology ensures that every dollar is protected and accounted for. There are no fees. When payment is made for good service or a product, the revenues can be put into one's bank account by the very next day. The platform is getting ready for world wide launch and we are excited to see how it is used and the ideas for it to work for all people's globally. Ahxehee (Thank you in the Navajo Language)

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