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Our biggest Advantage inside is seeing from a Vantage outside

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Inspiration from an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur and Author

By Chris Skrelunas

Gary Vaynerchuk is recognized around the globe as an unconventional entrepreneur who firmly believe our lives are predicated on how we look at situations around us. Transparency and kindness are the foundation of his success. He’s the type of dude that wants to have the tallest building in the city without tearing down the buildings around him. A true genuine human being who happens to be extremely successful and made it happen by doing things the right way. These characteristics inspired me to write this.

Imagine, well once you’ve learned to put everything in perspective, imagine being in line at Starbucks. The line is kind of slow, one barista is handling all the payments, the other is making all of the drinks. There’s a line at the to-go window that wraps around the building. That being said the person in front of you gets a little too much cream in his Frappuccino. He makes a scene out of it and makes the barista make him another in the midst of all the chaos. No apologies, no thank you, just a glowing vexation because he had to wait and extra two minutes.

This scenario, well maybe not verbatim but this type of commotion is all too common. In one way or another you see it everyday. We’ve become so entitled, so soft, so quick to think we deserve it all, regardless of whether or not we’ve actually made something of ourselves. In a way it’s a blessing, for 200 years the United States as a whole has been “prosperous”. So prosperous that we’re at a point now where our biggest struggle at times is the amount of cream in our frap, the lacking water pressure in our shower, or the internet temporarily going out in our home for a few hours. And that my friends is a sign if I’ve ever seen one, a tell-tale sign that as a society we’ve made it. Shelter is no longer a blessing, excessive food is something that’s no longer a luxury, that 2015 Kia Rio just isn’t cutting it anymore. We’ve replaced Mother Nature with second nature. We need Tesla’s that drive themselves so we can do our make up and post it on IG, we need a 4 bedroom house with 3 spare rooms for family we never invite to come stay with us, we need the most expensive steak on the menu that we not only know we won’t finish, but we’re too good for leftovers.

That same person has been me. I’ve been in those shoes in one way or another. I’m ashamed to admit I still have to remind myself more times than not. I might always have to. I guess what I’m saying is. Even if you don’t feel gratitude in each breathing moment, even if you’re first thought isn’t something synonymous with humility, it’s okay, it really is as long as you remember to just check yourself(before you wreck yourself). Then spell out perspective like Aretha Franklin would. At times our biggest advantage inside, is seeing from a vantage outside. It’s okay to have that negative feeling wander into your space, you’re human, but as soon as that happens have the wherewithal to put that feeling in its place, where it belongs, going going gone.

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