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Welcome to, our very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore our site and all that we have to offer; perhaps will awaken your own passions as well.

Awakening the Potential of Tribes


Articles to Awaken Us

Tribal communities of the planet consider wealth as family, health, happiness, learning stories of the tribe, singing songs, dance, clan responsibility, respect for mother earth and elders, having passion and dignity, being respectful.  Many teachings are inherent that guide success in life whether one chooses the path of a traditional canoe maker, a jeweler, a singer, farmer, a dance teacher, a professor or entrepreneur.   This success and coaching feed is full of provocative perspectives, interviews, articles, and links to help awaken whatever it is you have chosen in life and your community as well.


Tribes Global Market

In our inaugural startup phase, we are offering advertising for friends from all over the world.   The website is linked with the global platform.   During test launch, we already have over 200,000 members and expanding daily.  Once we build out substantial membership in we will begin charging for advertising.   Please share your adds and links to your good business and lets share in commerce. 


Navajo Soul Food

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