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Among all our tribes there is a virtue to awaken early and fulfill our potential.  As children growing up, we heard our elders who constantly stressed the importance of being awake early in the morning, to be among the early morning Gods, to take care of ourselves and our families, to go about our work with passion, to be dignified in person and thought, to offer early morning prayer for positive life, to sing and meditate, to run and build our strength, to celebrate humor and relationships, to protect our thoughts and follow a regimen that ensures we achieved success in the ways of our tribes. To this day, we retain culture, teachings, songs, dance, arts, and economic pursuits.  Our teachings show the way for harmonious success as a community, a family, and individual. 

TribeAwaken.Com is built upon our ancient success formulas.  We are a Native American owned company that works with our communities and individuals to achieve their destiny.  We will provide you knowledge to awaken your individual and community potential, offer encouragement, education, manage major projects that help achieve long term success and ensure our neighbors succeed too.       

TribeAwaken.Com drive several initiatives:
1.  Structuring meaningful partnerships and economic development projects to ensure maximum 
community ownership/investment opportunities for area tribal communities

2.  Managing a virtual magazine to inspire our tribal communities and people on a range of subjects from mindful economic development, rodeo fitness, personal success, community planning, to healthy ad happy life

3.  Launching Tribes.Humans.Net, a global peer to peer 

commerce platform to recreate intertribal trade systems in today's virtual world

4.  Founding Navajo Power, a Public Benefit Company, whose mission is to develop utility scale projects in a way that maximizes 

economic benefits to local traditional and  

owners and tribal communities
5.  Offering commerce in coaching, arts, research and writing related to awakening the tribes of the planet

6.  Helping create the Navajo Lamb Cooperative 

Welcome to TribeAwaken.Com, our dream project filled with unique content, a global commerce platform, tools for you and our communities to achieve excellence with integrity. Explore our site and all that we have to offer; perhaps we will awaken your own passions as well

Awakening the Potential of Tribes


Dancer in Tucson
Honorable Havasupai Dancers
Grand Tetons
Sacred Spirit Dancers
Sheep herding fun
Hopi fine crafts
TRIBE Awaken Magazine

Articles on mindful economics, fitness, honorable success, rodeo scene​​

Meaningful Business Partnership

Provide expertise to ensure maximum tribal community benefit in areas such as Retail & Tourism and Sheep

Tribal Commerce Platform 

Launching a global peer to peer network to recreate respectful trade systems

NavajoPowerFINALcolor 1.jpg
Founding Navajo Power

A solar development venture that works with sheepherders, communities and tribal leadership in an effort to maximize benefits and honor

TRIBE Awaken Magazine


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