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Welcome to Tribe Awaken!  We encourage you to be awakened by our tools for healthy life and community.  We offer you the uplifting Tribe Achieve Magazine, tools towards nurturing economies, experiences towards culturally cognizant governance, tools for you to achieve excellence in our honorable ways.

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Awakening Your Potential























TribeAwaken is built upon ancient success formulas that ensured high achievement starting with you, your family and relations, neighbor and community.  Among all our tribes there is a virtue to awaken early, fulfill our potential and uplift others.  As children growing up, we heard our elders who constantly stressed the importance of being awake early in the morning, to be among the early morning divinities, to take care of ourselves and our families, to go about our work with passion, to be dignified in person and thought, to offer early morning prayer for positive life, to sing and meditate, to run and build our strength, to celebrate humor and relationships, to protect our thoughts and follow a regimen that ensures we achieved success in the ways of our tribes

We are a Native American owned company that works with our communities and individuals to achieve their destiny.  We provide you inspiration to awaken your individual and community potential, offer encouragement, education, manage major projects that help achieve long term success and ensure our neighbors succeed too.       

TribeAwaken.Com drive several initiatives:
1.  Structuring sustainable economic development projects that attain major societal impacts and chart new meaningful courses for the world.

2.  Offering innovation/guidance on the transition to a restorative and cleaner economy as tribal communities lesson dependence off fossil fuels.

3.  Managing a virtual magazine to inspire our tribal communities and people on a range of subjects to inspire personal success, healthy and happy life.

We Rise Podcast on Collective Resilience
"Honoring elders and greeting the morning"


Real Native Roots interview
"Observation and Vision for the modern world"


Method to Madness conversation at Berkely about sustainable economics

High Level Business Innovation

Tony and his team now provide expertise to

 - Advise all phases of Native American shopping/retail center development and expansion from local partnership, creative financing, best option expansion strategy, to recruiting experienced partners

-  Towards the creation of Navajo's first Navajo owned grocery store

- Provide high level consulting to tribal casino executives critical during pandemic reopening and ensuring continued robust growth and adaptive strategies

- Working to improve the health of tribal populations through education
& transformation of plant based diets and lifestyle change

-  Securing impact finance for a growing set of businesses in the tourism/agriculture sectors such as bed & breakfasts, a food venture, and sheepherder cooperative. 

Growing Navajo Power PBC
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Tony and his partners follow breakthrough & honorable processes to partner with traditional land users, communities, and tribes to maximize the benefits whether it be around basics of power, water, restoration of land, to jobs and new sources of revenue

Recently, Tony and his partners launched Navajo Power Home to provide new solutions to tribal community homes.  See

Tribe Achieve Magazine

Articles and a magazine to inspire achievement of your Goals, Honorable life, good Health, revitalizing Foods, harmonious Lifestyle, and wise Leadership 

Tribal Commerce Platform 

Launching a global peer to peer network to recreate respectful trade systems

Sounds and visuals of our tribal communities

Sounds and visuals of our tribal communities

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Tribe Achieve Magazine

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