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Honoring Shizhe’e on Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s day, I would like to write some word play about my pops Frank. I am proud of pops who took on responsibility of fatherhood with gusto. Through his younger days he worked hard and played hard.... like any rambunctious young rez man, he did it all. He met my moms and followed her to Big Mountain, a family of traditional shepherds and farmers. This from a city boy, he got used to it quickly... he grew on my family, and learned much about the traditional ways. He had 4 kids, accepted me as one of his own. In middle age, he suffered from the crazy ways of his youth. Many times he worked long hours as a welder, sick or tired, to ensure a good life for us. He took care of my mom, allowed her to take care of the home and us, and the extended family of ours. He became a wise man with stories, much humor, and experience. He became a teacher in the church, a leader in his home community, a strong man of moral and ethics. He loves the culture and rhythm of the drum. He still is spry of mind and spry of leadership. His health has recently been challenged as never before, but his spirit remains strong. One of deep character, commitment, sympathy, honor, his words mean much in any gathering, his presence is most honored. In his company, I feel regal. Happy Fathers Day to my pops and all of you dads out is an honor to have children, raise them well, teach them, teach the humility, respect, humor, and simpleness. Tony Skrelunas

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